Tell Us About Your Home Backup Power Needs

Blackouts needn't lead to spoiled food and nights by flashlight. Home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house and comes on automatically whether you’re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage. No refueling is required as home generators run on propane or natural gas.


To start the home generator installation process, we'll conduct an on-site visit to determine your home’s specific installation needs and what local permits are needed before starting. We'll check your electrical meter, gas lines and circuit breaker panel location to help scout the best placement option for your generator unit and determine the wiring specifications your home will need.

We'll also discuss which fuel option, natural gas or liquid propane is available and will work best for your home’s generator system.


Even if your system has not been used at all for a year, it is going to need servicing. Parts on the inside get dusty and fluids may need to be replaced. Depending on how it is powered, it may need to have parts in the fuel system cleaned. Skipping scheduled maintenance can be harmful and very expensive.